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Hi! My name is Alexandra Damsker and I'm the founder of CI Advisory, and the host of the Crypto | Immersion Podcast. My goal is to provide unbiased education on finance, startups, investment and blockchain, and bring in experts to discuss areas outside my knowledge.

Please check out my bio below. I don't receive any payment or incentive for any information, evaluation or analysis I offer on the podcast - and I am always giving my honest opinion based on the best information I have available.

All statements and opinions are entirely my own, and all information is intended only to help people make more informed decisions for themselves.


All information contributed in any public forum is for general information only, and not intended to be legal, financial, or tax advice. Please contact the appropriate counsel local to your area regarding your specific facts and circumstances.

About me


Alexandra Damsker is an experienced corporate and securities attorney, speaker, and runs the unbiased personal finance and startup education podcast  Crypto | Immersion.

Formerly with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and international firm Mayer Brown, she is also a 2x founder (one exit). She is currently completing a publisher-requested book on DeFi (out 2023). Mrs. Damsker has been in the blockchain space since 2016, currently serving as legal, operations and strategic advisor to a number of companies and high net worth individuals on a variety of  topics, including NFTs, DeFi, interoperability, wallets, fundraising, team development, and more.


She also discusses personal finance topics, including understanding the fundamental flow of money, setting investment goals, understanding risk and risk profiles, understanding market dynamics and signaling, analyzing financial signals and financial statements, and more. 


Company analysis is unbiased and without any inducement to invest or refrain from investment. Mrs. Damsker is neither incentivized nor interested in individual investment decisions. She focuses solely on helping others understand how to make better, more predictable decisions, using the context of history, finance, economics, psychology, and human behavior, and the structure of properly assigned metrics and regulation.

Past speaking engagements include WebSummit, NASDAQ, the LendIt Fintech conference, the PG Gaming conference, the Opal private and family office conference, the Association of Independent Music Producers, the Fintech and Financing Conference 2021, the Securities and Tokenization Summit, SOURCE Nashville, and an array of smaller talks, and requests include the World Economic Forum in Davos.


Her next speaking engagement is in June 2023 in Paris for VivaTech, the largest tech conference in Europe.

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